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Loan Options

30 Year Fixed Mortgage

Do you think that a 30-year fixed mortgage rate is the best option for you? Our team can help you find out! At Elite Wholesale Mortgage, we know that a fixed rate can provide you with some peace of mind. If you don’t want your monthly payments to change, we can offer you a mortgage at a fixed rate.

15 Year Fixed Mortgage

If you want to shorten the fixed-rate period of your mortgage, Elite Wholesale Mortgage also offers a 15-year fixed rate. Our 15-year fixed mortgage requires constant monthly payments and is fully amortized in 15 years. No matter which loan option you choose, we’ll make sure you have all the information you need in order to make the right decision.

Adjustable-Rate Mortgage

If you aren’t interested in a fixed-rate mortgage, our lenders can also provide you with an ARM. At Elite Wholesale Mortgage, our ARM’s are adjustable and can change throughout the period of time. Our initial interest rate is always lower than a fixed-rate mortgage. However, do bear in mind that the rate can go up or down. The ARM would be a good option for you if you are thinking about owning a home for a short period of time.

FHA Loans

Our FHA loans require a lower down payment than other loans, which can be very convenient for your future. These loans are insured by the government and can significantly reduce the risk of loss. The FHA Loan is a good option for you if there is a risk for defaults in monthly payments.

VA Loans

At Elite Wholesale Mortgage, we can also help you with VA loans. These loans are designed to offer finance to US veterans and their spouses that qualify for the VA loan. Whether you are looking to apply or want to see if you qualify for the VA loan, our team of lenders is here to take all the necessary steps in the right direction.

Jumbo Loans

If you require financing that exceeds the maximum conforming loan amount, we also provide you with a jumbo loan. With a jumbo loan, you’ll have reduced lender fees, a term from 5 to 30 years, and a higher limit than most loans.

203K Loans

Have you been looking to improve and renovate the state of your home? This might be the best solution for you. With a 203K loan at Elite Wholesale Mortgage, you’ll have all the financing you need to do those much-needed renovations to your home.

Reverse Mortgage

If you are 62 years old or older, a reverse mortgage will allow you to turn your home equity into cash without the need to do monthly mortgage payments. At Elite Wholesale Mortgage, we know how hard you’ve worked to get where you are right now. With us by your side, you’ll be in excellent hands.

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